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" The man who has no imagination has no wings " - Mohammed Ali

Scunthorpe Boxing Club is committed to providing high quality training facilities and helpful, knowledgable coaches to all levels and ages of boxers and fitness enthusiasts. With training offered six days a week and even seperate classes for girls available it's a great opportunity to get it and, in many cases gain confidence and discipline. With the club operating as a non-profit making organisation session fees are very competitve making it a great, low cost way to get fit !


When this sport is properly coached and supervised amateur boxing can be an extremely fulfilling and valuable experience for today's youth. It should be used as a vehicle to instruct sportsmanship, values of conditioning a positive release of frustrations and energy, as well as building self confidence and character.

Amateur boxing can also provide an excellent means of conditioning for the school athlete during the off season. It is the ideal sport for youngsters who are not involved in a school sports program or aren't attracted to team sports.

Amateur boxing can also give the young athlete the opportunity to satisfy that basic human need of recognition in a positive manner.All too often this need is met through delinquent behaviour.

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all are CRB

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