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Gemmas journey starts at Congleton

(January 15, 2012)

Gemma Richardson's long awaited first skills bout

gem 1

A two and a half hour journey for two full cars in icy conditions to what felt

like the other side of the world, not the Peak District. Was Gemma's first

skills bout worth the journey ? Absolutely ! It was worth the journey, the

fuel costs, the admission and the strange washing machine effect going

on in my stomach till the start of the third round !

She performed very well and most importantly listened to her instructions.

So many boxers, even seasoned ones seem to step through the ropes and

leave all the training and tactics behind. Lets hope Gemma can carry on the

Richardson family legacy but for now we are all very proud of her. A mention

also to Gemma's oponent O J Craig ( Beartown ABC ) who took some decent

shots extremely well and kept going forward.

Lets hope these two meet later with more rounds under their belts.


Raj Chand in his second bout at Congleton

Scunthorpes only other boxer at Congleton was Raj Chand fighting in

only his second bout. Having had breathing and stamina problems in his

first bout we were hoping to see an improvement here against C Hill

( Beartown ABC ) Raj opened well and personally I felt he took the first

round. However, the second was more open and Hill landed some good

shots. On the balcony the murmur was "one round each" going into the

last. A close round left us all hoping and, although Hill took the bout to

be honest we were more pleased to see Raj finishing well and breathing

under control. I think too much store is placed on early wins and these

bouts are more about fine tuning. Many great boxers started out with

dreadful early win / loss records at ABA level but learned something

from each bout.

( Sorry about that last bit which really is a personal note to Raj ! ) 

Beartowns success and one for the future


First a few words on George Frost. Unfortunately our Gemma's

skills bout preceded George's fight so our coaches missed it. However

our followers loved it ! On the balcony we had a 14 yr old, a 66 yr old

and a 41 yr old all sure we will be seeing a lot of this lad in the future.

A great sight to see a young lad blessed with quick feet and fine

combinations at 11 yrs old. A chat with a proud mum revealed a hand

injury which hampered Frost's training. A problem like this can easily

change a youngsters course so I am very pleased George came through it.

I look forward to seeing his name on fight programmes in the future.

A final note on Beartown ABC. This was our first visit to Beartown and

I hope it will not be the last. Great support and a very obvious rapport

between coaches and boxers in a superb venue made for a very enjoyable

nights boxing.

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