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Apr 28th Home Show Review

(April 28, 2012)

    The April home show signalled the end of the season for Scunny ABC
and what a season its been. Two midland champion schoolboys in James
Richardson and Eddie Drayton and Robbie Drayton narrowly losing a
junior midland final to the triple european champion. Add to this an
ever growing stable of boxers culminating in a home show featuring
nine of our own boxers in action and its easy to see that Scunthorpe
Boxing Club is going from strength to strength.

Its fair to say that we have been blessed with a wonderful level of
support and yet again the crowds flocked to the Redbourn Sports Club
creating an incredible atmosphere. Joined on this occasion by Mayor
Keith Vickers and the addition of three gorgeous ring girls from the
East Coast Models Agency the show had a very professional feel to it
and the boxers certainly didnt let the huge crowd down. The bouts, as
always were well matched and evenely fought right through the card
with no stoppages.

George Frost ( Beartown ) opened the evening with a convincing win
over Lewis Spavin ( Bridlington ) at 34kgs. Bout two saw the energetic
Tyler Brevigheri ( Scunny Imps ) outpointed by Logan Hare ( Boston
ABC ) at 36kgs. The first Scunny ABC bout featured Jessie Allcock and
Billy Scott ( Retford ABC ) Jessie triumphed on this occasion with a very
tidy display to lead his below par opponent 2-1 in their own personal series.

At 67kgs Eddie Drayton ( Scunny ABC ) beat Chris Keeler ( Beartown )
despite a lacklustre display. Chris spent too much time backing off on
an evening when Eddie was perhaps there for the taking. Possibly a
lesson there for both boxers ! A mouth watering bout at 67kgs pitted
Zac Stabler ( Bridlington ) the ABA number one against James Richardson
( Scunthorpe ABC ) James was not at his best and lost a close decision
at the end of a very tiring season.

At 64kgs Nic Rowing ( Donny Plant ) defeated Jack E Bailey ( Bourne ABC )
in a classy display and John Allcock ( Scunthorpe ABC ) made in two home
show wins on the spin beating Harry Sexton ( Aldecar & Langley ) at 70kgs.
James Mcdonald ( Scunthorpe ABC ) snatched victory from the jaws of defeat
after a very slow start against Thomas Molloy ( One Nation ) in their 57kgs
bout. Nick Staples ( Boston ABC ) won an old fashioned toe to toe contest
against Terry Desborough ( Immingham ) as both boxers landed several big
shots during their enjoyable but bruising 76kg encounter.

Special mentions for the next two Scunthorpe ABC boxers. Rajan Chand
banished recent stamina and breathing problems to beat Jordan Hall ( Hoyle
Mill ABC ) at 69kgs. Raj has worked hard to overcome these problems and
deserves every credit for his performance. Jordan Wilkes ( Scunthorpe ABC )
shook off a two year layoff in his bout at 68kgs against Daniel Mountain
( Aldercar & Langley ) and triumphed with a classy display earning my
"Boxer of the Show" title.

Ben Knapp ( Scunthorpe ABC ) defeated Gareth Smaller ( Immingham )
at 69kgs and Jack Cobb ( Scunthorpe ABC ) beat Daniel Peak ( Aldercar &
Langley ) at 91kgs. Both Jack and Ben continue to improve and I feel next
season will see both boxers flourish.

So eight wins from nine bouts for Scunny ABC, a huge and very vocal crowd
and talent on show from no less than ten different boxing clubs. Amateur
boxing in Scunthorpe is thriving and I cannot wait for next season. Remember
wherever you are keep supporting your local clubs and see you all at the next
home show !
Dave Hampton, Scunthorpe Boxing Club

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